We are pleased that governments around the world have been proactive in attempts to minimize the impact of COVID-19. Hopefully, new social distancing measures and travel restrictions for high-risk regions will prevent the rapid dissemination of the virus. Many countries have called on residents to shelter in place, work remotely, and limit contact with the sick, immunocompromised, and elderly. As conscious global citizens, we should all be doing our part to be mindful of those around us and abide by medical recommendations.

During the 21-day national lockdown, SABMR staff will be working remotely and continue to provide patient and donor services. Recruitment of new donors will also continue, at no charge, through our online platform.

For assistance of any kind, please contact our office on
+27 21 447 8638

For donor related enquiries, please email           jane.ward@sabmr.co.za

For patient related enquiries, please email            alicia.venter@sabmr.co.za

Click here for more information on the SABMR’s response as well as some additional information sources.

Click here for more information on the WMDA's Donor Medical Suitability Recomendations during COVID-19.